RIP our Beloved Madiba – Doug Anderson

I am so heart sore from the news.  I am grateful that we gave momentum to Madiba’s last wish.  I think as an organization in 2014 we need to collectively push to continue and increase this momentum and use our clout with Corporate SA and speed up the building of this hospital.  To let the process drag would be disrespectful to everything that Madiba was.

One of the best moments in my life was meeting Madiba in 1995 at a wheelchair sports camp I attended.  Madiba came to thank all the coaches and athletes.

I shared this photo with Mrs. Machel when I worked with her on the Africa for Haiti Campaign a few years back – she laughed and said “I recognize that man…” Priceless!

Disability wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Madiba.  I probably wouldn’t be employed if it wasn’t for his efforts.  He initiated in his office as President what is now a fully fledged Ministry for Women, Children and People with Disabilities.  As a person with a disability, I will be eternally grateful for his efforts specifically for people with disabilities.

My absolute hero is gone but I am forever grateful that I got to make a difference and give my all to issues close to Madiba’s heart.

Doug Anderson