Our Facility


NMCH is a bright, welcoming and child-friendly space with warm reception areas, family lounges, gardens and play areas. The architecture and environmental design were inspired by the natural beauty of South Africa and the larger African continent. Clean modern lines are playfully combined with bold accents and textures. The signage is designed to be multi-culturally appropriate.
The Hospital offers outpatient and inpatient services in various specialist fields. The outpatient department will provide Radiology, Dialysis, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Unit, and Oncology day clinic services.


Our Radiology department features cutting-edge medical imaging equipment. Eight x-ray machines will serve approximately 2 500 patients a year. Also available are an MRI machine, a CT scan, a nuclear CT scan, a fluoroscope and two ultrasound machines. Through the generosity of General Electric, the department has been transformed into a magical adventure land. Customised wall-art and decorative applications on the machinery itself will engage and distract young patients and reduce their anxiety during procedures.


The Nephrology department houses 17 dialysis machines that will accommodate 8 500 treatments annually. Our capacity is high even when compared with international standards.

Rehabilitation Unit

Our Rehabilitation Unit has a range of innovative equipment to facilitate the rehabilitation of young patients, including a unique sensory garden that will be employed in the recovery of Neurology and Musculo-Skeletal patients amongst others.


NMCH has 6 wards for Nephrology, Cardiac, Oncology, Medical and General Surgery patients. Each ward has 29 beds and includes shared and medically isolated rooms. Recliner beds have been placed next to patient beds to allow parents and caregivers to sleep next to their children when they need to. Each ward also has a family lounge for caregivers to relax in and play areas for patients and their siblings to play in.
We are the first in the world to use the innovative paediatric cot, the Symba Bed, designed by South African industrial designer Jed Aylmer.


The ICU comprises 48 beds. The Paediatric ICU and the Neonatal ICU both have 24 beds. The Neonatal ICU also has 30 Giraffe incubators. The nurse to patient ratio in ICU will be 1:1 and in high care it will be 1:2.

Operating Theatres

The hospital has 8 major and 2 minor operating theatres that have the capacity to perform over 5 000 live-saving operations per year. The Karl Storz Digital OR1 – Fusion System has been installed in 7 of the theatres. The system documents endoscopic activities and open surgery from two cameras. The first camera is mounted in the theatre light whilst the other is wall-mounted with zoom and pan facilities. The system also connects to any other digital camera used in the operating room, e.g. operating microscope or flexible endoscope. All the data gathered in the theatre is video streamed via a high-speed network and stored for off-site viewing. The system has audiovisual conferencing capabilities that connect the theatre with remote experts (telemedicine). This is the first installation of this system in Africa.


There are 9 gardens on the NMCH grounds. The 4 play gardens are outfitted with custom-designed play equipment. In addition, there is a sensory garden, a family garden, a healing garden and a quiet garden on the acute care levels. Only indigenous trees and vegetation were planted. A total of 450 trees were planted. Delightful water features and artworks punctuate the gardens.


Children have been integral to the interior design and artistic decoration of the Hospital.
We hosted art workshops with children from diverse backgrounds and used their creations as inspiration for all interior design elements, from the colourful wallpaper to the funny monster benches.
The Hospital commissioned a number of interior and exterior artworks and received donated works from artists around the world.

Family Accommodation

Ronald McDonald House Charities manage the modern, comfortable family accommodation on our top floor. There are 27 Rooms available, a communal kitchen, dining area, library, lounges, a play area and a quiet room.
This facility will be reserved for families who have travelled from afar, need to spend an extended period of time at the Hospital and cannot afford private accommodation for this period. Admission will be subject to detailed policy criteria.

Radio Lollipop

The first African branch of Radio Lollipop will broadcast live in the Hospital for two hours every evening and host play therapy during this time. Radio Lollipop is an international children’s charity providing care, comfort, play and entertainment to sick children in hospital. The public can volunteer to be Radio Lollipop playmakers, DJs and support staff. Recruitment will be subject to detailed policy criteria.