Job Opportunities

Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital aims to attract only the best calibre of talented and dedicated staff with attractive incentives, remuneration and wellness offerings. We provide a safe, satisfying and flexible working environment that promotes a healthy balance between professional and personal life. We maintain a culture of service and inclusivity where staff are happy and motivated to go to great lengths to provide excellent care. We value effective communication, staff feedback and organisational transparency. Every staff member is encouraged to become an ambassador and an advocate for children’s healthcare needs.

Through our partnerships, our staff will be exposed to local and international best practice, continuous medical training, leadership development, professional education and talent management initiatives that enhance their careers.

Please note that all job opportunities will be advertised on this page, in national newspapers, as well as on our LinkedIn page as and when they become available. Please watch this space for updates.
Last updated: 8 August 2019. 

CV’s must be sent to with the reference number in the subject line.