Our Promise


NMCH will provide a caring, child and family-centred environment, where the child’s needs are considered first. The Hospital will be a home where family values soar. Patients and families alike will be showered with LOVE and CARE.

Everyone who is here will feel Madiba’s spirit of HOPE and COURAGE. Every staff member is committed to serve with the same ENDURANCE. They dedicate themselves to the HEALING and CARING SUPPORT of patients and families. They accept the challenge to GROW and SHARE their knowledge and experience.

By giving patients and families hope, those referred to NMCH will arrive as patients and leave as friends.

Standard of Care – AIDET Principle

At NMCH we strive to offer the best quality healthcare to all our patients, in so doing we have adopted the AIDET principle: (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank You) to guide our staff and ensure that this promise fulfilled. This principle will help to improve communication with patients, parents and caregivers. This best practice provides a consistent method for treating all patients and families with care and compassion and informs them of the required procedures (Explain) and estimated length of time to complete the procedures (Duration). As a proactive communication approach, the AIDET principle will help to reduce the patients, parents and caregivers stress and anxiety.


Child and Family-Centred Care

At NMCH, we recognise the primacy and constancy of family in the child’s life. Hence we pride ourselves on embracing a child and family centred approach in our continuum of care.  Our goal as a child and family-centred care facility is to include families as full partners in children’s health care.

Child and family-centred care is based on the belief that the family is the child’s primary source of strength and support. Healthcare professionals are the clinical experts on health and diseases and the parents are the experts on their child and they can offer essential information to enhance their child’s health care. A successful partnership between health care providers and families is based on mutual trust, communication, respect and responsibility.

In child and family-centred care, professionals acknowledge that involving families in hospital planning, evaluation and decision making improves children’s care. They understand that best practices are shaped by families and professionals working together. We believe that this collaboration will lead to greater patient and family satisfaction.