NMCH Celebrates Pharmacy Month

On Monday, September 04, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital launched Pharmacy Month.

The aim of Pharmacy Month is to celebrate the pharmacy profession as well as provide an opportunity to entrench an understanding to patients of the role of pharmacists in the provision of medicine as part of Quality Healthcare.  

This year’s theme is “Don’t wait – vaccinate”. This is important for NMCH as a paediatric hospital to enlighten the community that through vaccination, we can protect patients, their families and communities at large from some preventable diseases.

The focus throughout the month will be on reinforcing the benefits of vaccination in providing immunity to individuals, families, and communities; proactivity in ensuring that patients have been vaccinated and their family members know how to check if the vaccine schedules are up to date as per the DOH’s Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI), teaching patients about hand-hygiene and keeping common viruses at bay.