Making Everyday A Mandela Day

In celebration of Madiba’s legacy this Mandela Month, we’re sharing stories and thoughts on our social media platforms from partners and collaborators who live each day as a ”Mandela Day”. These remarkable women and men form part of organisations that make a daily difference in children’s lives. Here are some of their stories.

Marie Holtzhausen, Funani ECD and Family Support Centre


Marie Holtzhausen is the operations manager at the Funanani ECD and Family Support Centre in Soshanguve, Pretoria. Funanani empowers impoverished communities by providing social support to orphaned and vulnerable children, as well as their families.

“This job gives meaning to my life,” says Marie. “I am fulfilled knowing I have made a difference in a child’s or family’s life.”

Find out more about the support centre at


Ikageng is a Soweto-based community organisation working to improve the quality of life for vulnerable children living with HIV/AIDS. Ikageng’s programmes actively contribute towards a socially and physically healthier community, and emphasise a respect for individuals from all walks of life.


“We have a role to play in shaping leaders of tomorrow,” says Carol Dyantyi, founder and programme director of Ikageng.

To offer assistance please call (011) 436 2278 or visit You can also email Carol at

Phana Dube, Hillbrow Theatre Project

Phana Dube is a facilitator at the Hillbrow Theatre Project and uses theatre skills to build confident children and young people with a positive self-esteem. The project also teaches research skills and encourages young people to read.


“It a great honour and privilege to be part of a project that has such a positive influence on the lives of the youth. I love playing a role in youth development, but I also learn and grow from the experiences of the new generation,” says Dube.

Get in touch with the Hillbrow Theatre Project by emailing them on, or visit the project at Hillbrow Theatre at 14 Kapteijn Street, Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

The Blokhuiz Studio Collective

The Blokhuiz Studio Collective collaborated with NMCH to set up children’s art workshops to create artworks that will decorate the Hospital. Magdel van Rooyen, the co-founder, artist and facilitator at Blokhuiz, explains that art can be life-changing, as it allows children to express themselves without fear.


“Art is such a powerful medium for a child to engage with. It can facilitate the unlocking of broken hearts and hurting lives and gives children a voice that transcends words or culture. It is just pure and magical.”

To find out more about Blokhuiz, get in touch with Magdel at, or visit their website at

Follow our social media spaces this month for more thoughts and insights from the people who treat every day as a Mandela Day. They have certainly helped realise significant parts of Madiba’s vision for our country, and we thank them!