International Nurses Day: Jayson Gopiechand

In honour of International Nurses Day, we had a chat with our Director of Nursing, Jayson Gopiechand, to share a few notes on his career and his approach to nursing at NMCH.

How long have you been an expert in your field?

“I qualified as a Professional Nurse in 2005 and was privileged to specialize in the field of Neonatology in 2007.  Since then I have held various managerial positions in the healthcare industry. In 2016 I completed my Masters in Public Health, specializing in hospital management.”

What did being appointed as the Nursing Director of NMCH mean to you?

“Being appointed as the Nursing Director of NMCH is an honour indeed. For me to be of assistance in the contribution of Tata Madiba’s legacy is without a shadow of doubt the highlight of my career. In addition, I am extremely blessed as none of this would be possible without a dedicated team of highly experienced medical professionals, with a commitment to render patient care at the highest level – always!”

What goes into the training of the staff on your team?

“We commence with our nursing orientation, which involves setting the stage and showcasing the expectations from a day-to-day perspective which is aligned to our strategic business pillars of:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Organizational Growth
  • Quality and Safety
  • Access
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation

We have adopted an interprofessional team approach in our assessment in addition to unit specific clinical competencies. NMCH has a vested approach to education; training; clinical simulations [to ensure clinical effectiveness and safety] and research, we therefore allow for this practice to operate at a macro and micro level. This approach has allowed us to move away from a passive method of communication; training; educating and accessibility of information.  We have further implemented a train the trainer model to ensure succession planning/business continuity at a nursing management and unit specific level.”

Do you have any mantras that motivate your team to strive for and achieve great results?

“My personal branding is one of integrity. This is my core value which resonates at an individual level and in our day-to-day business processes. This is my guiding principle that dictates behaviour and action. I try to ensure that I take an active role in my department and lead from the front whilst allowing managers to manage.”

How does this department contribute to Madiba’s dream of NMCH?

“The nursing staff at NMCH is the foundation of our health system and a key prerequisite for improving health outcomes. As the nature of healthcare shifts, the demand for nursing continues to grow and evolve. The quality of nursing care received by patients is strongly associated with proper staffing and the stability of the nursing workforce. Given the pivotal role that nurses play in determining the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of healthcare system, it is important to understand what motivates them. As a result, our staff are highly motivated to contribute to Tata Madiba’s dream.”