For Kids By Kids

For Kids By Kids is our campaign aimed specifically at raising awareness about the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital project amoung children, as well as encouraging them to take part in raising funds for this project. We encourage philanthropy amoung young people and all ideas for FUN-raising activities that get them involved in our cause.

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For Kids By Kids was inspired by two children who were champions of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust in its early stages: Sam Harding, who would donate his piggy bank savings because he wanted to help children less fortunate than himself; and Michai’ah Simons, who sat on Madiba’s lap at the hospital’s site dedication event she attended in 2009, and has since then committed herself to helping build this hospital. Now, children and youth across South Africa and the world can also support the hospital by thinking of innovative, fun ways to raise funds.

These are activities to put “FUN” in Fundraising, like bake sales, fun runs, raffles, civvies day at school – we welcome all ideas, big and small.

Any parents and children with ideas can contact Prudence on:
+27 11 274 5646 or

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