25 ideas for making a difference this #MandelaDay

In case you were wondering how to continue doing your #67Minutes more frequently, here’s a list of 25 ways you can give a helping hand.


  1. Clean up pollution along the ‘Spruit’.
  2. Go read to underprivileged kids in a reading programme and help set up a library.
  3. Set up a mobile soup kitchen where you drive around and serve the homeless some hearty warm food.
  4. Go for a walk and collect litter in your street.
  5. Sit together with a colleague that speaks a different language and learn 6 or 7 words or a few phrases from their language.
  6. Teach a free cooking class in your community, making a meal/s that is delicious, nutritious and affordable.
  7. Do a puppet show for children.
  8. Separate your recycling for the informal recycling guys who use your trash to make money.
  9. Create a public veggie garden in your community or on your pavement where people can take what they need .
  10. Buy a street vendor his stock for the day so that he can perhaps make double what he needs to and buy more stock.
  11. Offer free computer lessons at an Internet cafe for people who need to learn the basics.
  12. Help someone write a really good CV and conduct a mock interview to give them pointers on how to best portray themselves.
  13. Greet! Everyone! Everyday!
  14. Give away food you aren’t going to eat.
  15. Listen to someone’s story, make them feel validated.
  16. Stop generalising and making assumptions about anyone.
  17. Stop littering.
  18. Smile more.
  19. Go through old books and donate them to an old age centre, library or school.
  20. Buy and distribute some blankets – there are lots of cold people on the streets.
  21. Give blood.
  22. Donate some money to charity if you don’t have time.
  23. Add some extra groceries to your trolley and deliver them to a home / church to distribute.